Why choose PortalsDirect.com

To solve this problem, restaurant and takeaway owners integrate their websites with Portalsdirect.com's online ordering and delivery services. Companies can collect customer data and customise every person's experience by doing this. Everyone. Restaurants and takeaway shops are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. And Takeaways are becoming more and more popular nowadays. They offer great food for affordable prices. Many of them also provide delivery services.

However, they face some challenges, such as ordering through phone or social media apps. The biggest challenge is that they don’t have access to the customer data. This makes it very difficult to personalise the experience for each individual.

Most restaurants and takeaways now rely on mobile apps to order food. These apps allow customers to place orders directly from their phones. However, these apps often lack features that would make the ordering process more accessible. For example, they don’t let customers track their orders or see where their meals are prepared.

To solve this problem, restaurants and takeaways are starting to integrate their websites into their apps. By doing this, they can collect customer data and personalise the experience for everyone.

We provide a restaurant management system that helps restaurants accept delivery or pick up orders. Accept bookings and reservations in seconds through your branded website. As there is no middle man, you can run promotions in seconds by creating a coupon in your dashboard and circulating this to your customers directly. Unlike some providers, we are not interested in your customer's details, leaving you in control of your marketing strategy.

At Portals Direct, we have helped hundreds of UK Resultants & Takeaway save thousands on ordering commission simply by switching to PortalsDirect.com. Our role is to educate you on how to make more money online so that you can spend your time doing what you love!

With the rise of smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches, consumers can now access information at any time and anywhere. This has led to new technologies that allow restaurants and takeaways to interact with customers via their phones using one of our partner integrations, all controlled through our inbuilt control panel.